Our team is sold out to church planting, multiplication, and seeing an acceleration of apostolic movements in our generation.  We have extensive experience in church planting and love serving church multipliers.  We are a decentralized, frugal team with most of us either part-time or volunteering our time.  Our team includes:

Todd Wilson
Todd is co-founder of Exponential and provides vision, strategy and direction for the ministry. He is a Kingdom-entrepreneur who is naturally drawn to anything around the next corner

Futuristic | Strategic | Activator | Command | Deliberative

Dave Ferguson
Dave is co-founder of Community Christian Church, New Thing and Exponential.  Dave serves as President of Exponential. Dave is passionate about healthy, reproducing leaders and churches. His enthusiasm for “yes” is contagious.

Futuristic | Activator | Command | Positivity | Arranger

Terri Saliba
Terri is the Operations Manager for Exponential and keeps all the moving parts moving. She is the perfect mother hen but is really our goose laying the golden eggs.

Woo | Communication | Relator | Belief | Positivity

Amanda Sands
amandaAmanda leads our marketing and communications efforts with a specific emphasis on content distribution.

Strategic | Achiever | Futuristic | Input | Learner

Lindy Lowry
Lindy is a gifted writer and editor serving Outreach Magazine for years as their editor. Lindy now serves as editor for Exponential.

Maximizer | Adaptability | Connectedness | Input | Arranger | Communication

Karen Gilley
Karen is our conference administrator working a wide range of responsibilities including sponsor and speaker support, marketing and promotion support, customer service, etc..

Developer | Restorative | Empathy | Input | Learner

Don Smith
Don SmithDon is our conference creative director, overseeing all main stage components. He is involved in creative programming, developing the conference video elements, and works with bands, speakers and other main stage talent.

Activator | Woo | Responsibility

Karen Pheasant
Karen is a gifted graphic designer and layout artist whose day job is with Church Marketing Solutions.  Karen has sacrificially and diligently served the Exponential community and team for many years.

Connectedness | Ideation | Belief | Positivity | Developer | Adaptability

Ron Furgerson
Ron is our resident FBI agent, who after a successful career running one of the most important crime labs in the world, entered the world of church planting.  Ron now serves church planters via Exponential helping with all things social media.


Alan Hirsch
Alan is our resident missional guru (although none of us can understand what he says – both the accent and the profound smarts are things most of our team don’t understand).  Alan oversees Future Travelers along with Rob Wegner.

Ideation | Strategic | Input | Command | Learner

Bill Couchenour
Bill provides strategic and operational oversight of our Future Travelers Initiative. Bill’s day job is serving with Cogun.

Futuristic | Learner | Individualization | Responsibility | Connectedness