Our Distinctives

The following are embedded in our DNA and shape how we do the things we do.  We relentlessly seek to live out these values:


We’re the catapult not the carrier, our fruit grows on others’ trees
We seek to come alongside and help accelerate what God is already doing through others.  We are not in competition with any church planting organizations but have a posture of you can do it, how can we help?


In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity with a precious few essentials
Diversity of models and approaches.  We seek to platform the aggregation of what God is up to rather than one model or approach.

Pursuing Next

Yesterday faithfully becomes today, We seek to look out the window and see things before others do
We are future biased and continually look for what God seems to be up to around us.  Most productive work happens in the trenches today.  We seek to help leaders be more effective and productive today by helping them see around the next corner yesterday.

Frugality and Stewardship

Faithful with little, trusted with much
We seek to remain small and decentralized in our overhead with innovative funding models (e.g. Business for Mission) that are not donor reliant.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We limit doing what others can do better
We seek to work synergistically with others to accomplish more together than the sum of the individual parts.

Leveraging Leverage

Go big or go home
We seek to multiply one into one hundred in all that we do (as a way of modeling and of stewardship).

Islands of Health and Strength

Where is God at work and how do we join him?
We seek to find and come alongside strong leaders, surrendered to God, to help accelerate what God is doing through them.

From Clarity to Action

Ideas without fruit are simply academic
We seek to help people get clarity on whats next for them including how to embrace and implement ideas, principles and strategies and then to act.