Exponential Learning Communities were designed for leaders like you and Steve Andrews who are experiencing a holy discontent about the effectiveness and future of the church in the U.S. These communities are for leaders who are questioning whether we’re really making authentic disciples sold out to Jesus or just creating consumers of Christian goods and services. They’re for leaders no longer interested and content in simply growing attendance.

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“This discussion is probably the most important one of my life … it would certainly have to be the best learning investment of my life. I’m interested in changing the conversation from ‘where is the next one?’ to ‘how do we release our members to take our city?.”
Steve Andrews
Lead Pastor of Kensington Community Church



An increasing number of church leaders are experiencing a holy discontent about the church in the U.S. They’re questioning whether or not we’re really making authentic disciples sold out to Jesus or just creating consumers of Christian goods and services. They’re no longer interested in simply growing attendance. They long for a greater Kingdom impact that makes a palpable difference in the world. They’re wrestling with our appetite for growth and numerical addition, while instinctively knowing God intends multiplication. The Exponential Learning Communities were developed to speak into this holy discontent and help shift our paradigms from addition to multiplication.


–innovative journeys of learning proven to help participants shift their paradigms and take action toward greater Kingdom impact.

–for movement-minded leaders that want to step out of the addition thinking of today into the multiplication mindsets for tomorrow.

–for mapmakers and pioneers–leaders who have had a level of success but, with a humble heart, have a holy discontent about the status quo. They aren’t about the next step on the ladder; they’re about finding the right wall.

–integrating the relational, experiential and informational components required for transformation by effectively merging innovative teaching by widely recognized leaders; peer-to-peer, small group learning envi­ronments; and case study teaching by host practitioner churches.

The journey consists of three separate gath­erings over the course of one year. Each onsite gathering at a host practitioner church is one and a half days of teaching, discussion, breakouts and practical appli­cation. The gatherings are designed to be an intimate, living room-type experience where participants are engaging one another face-to-face.


Who are the best people suited for Learning Communities?
They are a unique breed. You know them when you meet them. They think differently. They have a humble heart, possess a holy discontent with the status quo; have a bias toward the future; and offer a proven record of results. They are your mapmakers, your pioneers. They are the change makers, honoring the past but looking toward the future. They will typically have the following characteristics:

A humble heart–Fully surrendered with a teachable spirit, Trusting God to build His Church through them despite their weaknesses, Personal humility with a deep resolve to follow through

Holy discontent–Demonstrated capacity to use imagination (vision), Pioneering initiative, A concern that has moved beyond “accumulation” to a passion for equipping and deploying disciples, A nervous sense of anticipation that God is up to something big, An intrinsic sense of urgency that the time is now

The ability to execute–A history of leading through challenges to the next level, A culture of discipline that has produced sustained growth, Margin to make a difference


In considering whether to join a Learning Community, you have two key decisions to make.

Missional Journey or Discipleship Journey. We offer two different journeys. Download a description of these journeys, including locations, dates and curriculum by clicking on the “Roadmap” buttons below.

Individual or Group. You can register as an individual or as a group. Some leaders bring additional staff with them, while others recruit an entire cohort of 20 – 25 people (an entire full group). Individual registration is $1,500.  Bring a full group, and that drops to $1,000 per person.


Feedback from Previous Participants

“This discussion is probably the most important one of my life … it would certainly have to be the best learning investment of my life.” – Steve Andrews, Lead Pastor of Kensington Community Church

“This experience has helped us take very concrete steps as a church in making some dramatic paradigm shifts … It’s been absolutely life-changing, church-changing, and I believe will change the face of the United States.” Greg Nettle, President, Stadia New Church Strategies

“What got us here is not going to get us there. It’s time to learn, think and act differently. Learning Communities are designed to do just that!” Alan Hirsch, author and missiologist 

“If you need to take your church into the future with a more missional focus and practice, you will not regret this investment.” Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church and Founder, NewThing Network

“It helped clarify what is next for us as a church.” Greg Surratt, Founding Pastor, Seacoast Church; Co-founder and President of ARC

“This experience really was a spiritual marker for me and for our church. It helped people redefine church. I would advocate it to pastors of churches who really want to affect their community, nation and their world.”  Shawn Lovejoy, Lead Pastor, Mountain Lake Church; Founder, ChurchPlanters.com


Learning Communities are intimate, living room-type environments limited to 25 leaders. With a total of six cohorts of leaders (three groups of 25 leaders in Missional and three groups of 25 leaders in Discipleship), capacity is very limited for this high-impact opportunity. We use an application process to ensure maximum compatibility of participants within each group. Spaces are limited to only 150 total participants, so register early to ensure your spot in the journey. Click on the application of your choice below.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Missional Journey
    Missional Journey

    Explore the paradigm of the church as a movement, equipping your key leaders to confidently launch a movement and navigate change. In each gathering, we will explore the elements of missional DNA (mDNA) as the operating system for church as apostolic movement (outlined in The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch).

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  • Discipleship Journey
    Discipleship Journey

    Understand how to create a culture of disciple-making disciples. In each gathering of this Learning Community, we will explore the five key shifts that churches must make to refocus on the biblical mission of disciple making (as outlined in DiscipleShift by Jim Putman, Bobby Harrington and Robert Coleman).

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