Beyond Salvation

Aaron Couch

Beyond Salvation explores the role of the Gospel message in our lives beyond our initial commitment to follow Christ. Having a proper understanding of what Jesus and the New Testament writers meant when using the word opens up a whole new way to engage our community.

Couch explores what the term “Gospel” means; how it relates to Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom; and how the first hearers of this idea would have interpreted this message. Couch looks at the root of the church’s irrelevancy in today’s culture, reminding us that contemporary music or hymns, preaching style, children’s ministry and facility location/type are not reasons for it. Instead, church leaders need a better understanding and working definition of the Gospel.

We have 38 recorded parables of Jesus, 20 of them saying directly that “the Kingdom of God or Heaven is like ..” Understanding what the Kingdom is like opens up a whole new way to look at spiritual maturity and reveals the realities upon which our lives are to be built.

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