October 6-7 // Los Angeles, CA

2014 / WEST

October 6-9 // Los Angeles, CA

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April 27–30 // Tampa, FL



A Multiplication Mindset

Planning is easy until you do it—especially in a new church. I remember when we were three months into our new church in Honolulu. Excitement abounded. I remember anticipating our…

Beware of Boldness

In this post, Las Vegas planter and author Vince Antonucci focuses on ReThinking Preaching–one of five areas of evangelism in Exponential West’s 2014 Seek + Save theme. Below, he shares…

The EX West Mobile Site is Here!

As you plan your Exponential West experience, make your first stop. The new EX West mobile site offers all of the detailed information you need to get the most…

Go Where the Fish Are Biting!

In 32 years of planting and leading Saddleback Church, I’ve learned some key lessons about evangelism and outreach. One of the most important is that it’s a waste of time…

‘How’ Is the Gospel Good News?

After witnessing across the globe for 30 years, being trained with all kinds of evangelistic tools and making disciples in the local church, I continually encounter a fundamental, often overlooked…

Is Your Church Plant Investing In and Serving Your Community NOW?

I love this picture. I saw it on Mark Jobe’s Facebook page. Mark is a pastor of a church I greatly admire in Chicago. Actually, as a church planter and…

‘Build a Car vs. Build a Factory’

In his new eBook with Exponential, Mission Orange County Executive Catalyst Chris Lagerlof explores seven building blocks to creating city movements that multiply and mobilize local churches to impact and transform…

Exponential West Debuts New Multi-Leader Discussion Forums

Exponential announces plans for new multi-leader discussion forums focused on specific topics relevant to church planters. The Exponential Forums will take place Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 6 and 7, at Exponential…

Keeping People in the Bull’s-Eye

I remember the first time I stood in the ruins of an ancient Jewish synagogue. I was shocked at how small it was. As a modern-day suburbanite, I had always…

Exponential East Brings Together 25,000 Church Planters Worldwide to Rethink Evangelism

Presenting what organizers have called the best lineup of speakers and content in Exponential’s seven-year history, last week’s Exponential East gathering (April 28-May 1) brought together an estimated 25,000 leaders…

New Blog Series: Mission Creep

On May 10, 1869, crews from the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads converged at Promontory Summit in northwest Utah. Their purpose was to connect their two railroads into the…

Stop Asking for a Sign!

We love signs.  We want signs.  Without a sign, we don’t move. I recently heard of two pastors locked in conversation. One shared with the other his thoughts on multiplying…

Foundations and Cracked Doors

As Exponential East nears, we know that many of you are in different places. Some of you are seeking clarity on planting. Others are wondering what the next step is…

Exponential East 2014 Webcast

The high-quality live Exponential East webcast (April 29-May 1) offers church leaders serious about awakening the evangelistic impulse of their church a real opportunity focus on evangelism. The upcoming webcast…

Burning Question #5

How Do I Plant and Grow a Church Without Killing Myself and My Family? Each week leading up to Exponential East (April 28-May 1), we’ll focus on one of the Burning…


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City Movement

Chris Lagerlof

We all want to see a movement happen in our city or geography. But the reality is that movements don’t emerge from a singular church, organization or individual. Movements are driven by collaboration and catalyzed by Kingdom-minded leaders. In City Movement, we will explore the essentials to building a thriving, collaborative city movement. In this FREE eBook, Mission Orange County…
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Release the APE

Beau Crosetto

Have we caged the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic leaders in our churches? Author Beau Crosetto says we have and in doing so we’ve stunted the growth of the Church and our disciple-making mission. This new eBook from Crosetto offers a 101 understanding of this problem and how to practically release these leaders. Written as a compilation of articles from the…
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Revisiting the Master Plan of Evangelism

Robert Coleman, Bobby Harrington

Dr. Robert Coleman set the standard for discipleship and evangelism in the 20th century when he wrote the watershed book The Master Plan of Evangelism over 50 years ago. Since then, Coleman’s work has sold more than 3.5 million copies and has been translated into 100-plus languages. In this new eBook, Bobby Harrington, director of, joins Coleman to revisit…
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