April 29–May 1 // Exponential East

2014 / WEST

Oct 6–9 // Los Angeles, CA

2015 / EAST

April 27–30 // Tampa, FL



Stop Asking for a Sign!

We love signs.  We want signs.  Without a sign, we don’t move. I recently heard of two pastors locked in conversation. One shared with the other his thoughts on multiplying…

Foundations and Cracked Doors

As Exponential East nears, we know that many of you are in different places. Some of you are seeking clarity on planting. Others are wondering what the next step is…

Exponential East 2014 Webcast

The high-quality live Exponential East webcast (April 29-May 1) offers church leaders serious about awakening the evangelistic impulse of their church a real opportunity focus on evangelism. The upcoming webcast…

Burning Question #5

How Do I Plant and Grow a Church Without Killing Myself and My Family? Each week leading up to Exponential East (April 28-May 1), we’ll focus on one of the Burning…

Some Things I Wish Would Go Away

I believe we can all relate to this Jen Hatmaker article.  What are the things in your church plant that push your buttons and that you simply wish would go…

The centrality of children in the plan of God

On my recent trip to Honduras, I spent some time in a remote village. There were chickens (living ones) in the kitchens. Stray dogs that were no one’s pets wandered…

5 Tips for Hosting a Webcast for Your Church

The upcoming high-quality webcast gives you the opportunity to bring the experience and insights of Andy Stanley, Alpha Founder Nicky Gumbel, Choco De Jesus, Dave Gibbons, Danielle Strickland and 20 more to your launch team,…


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Mission Creep

Larry Osborne

Evangelism and discipleship aren’t rocket science. When Jesus sent out a ragtag team from Galilee with the expectation that they would evangelize and disciple the world, they pulled it off as a natural and spontaneous outworking of their faith. Yet 2,000 years later, this same natural and spontaneous process has been turned into a complex and highly programmed skill left…
TAGS:: evangelism, mission, seek + save

Narrow-Minded Evangelism

Arron Chambers

The Golden Rule is one of the best-known and most quoted scriptures in the Bible. But, what if we have it all wrong? What if The Golden Rule was never meant to be a simple and safe mantra—recited to children to get them to see the importance of sharing their toys with one another? What if we’ve looked at that…
TAGS:: evangelism, golden rule, lost

Discipling Skeptics and Seekers

Beau Crosetto, James Choung

“If we are serious about the Great Commission and making disciples, then we need to be serious about evangelism because evangelism is the discipleship of skeptics and seekers of Jesus,” say InterVarsity ministry leaders Beau Crosetto and James Choung. In this new FREE eBook, the authors help leaders understand two things: 1) Why every believer needs to be doing evangelism…
TAGS:: discipleship, evangelism, Featured
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